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At Scenic Sauna, we believe you should have your "health" cake... and eat it.


The best cake isn't made up of just one ingredient. It's a perfectly balanced recipe passed down for generations that works in balance and is proven to work.


Everything Scenic Sauna offers is the best of our own health cake. We've personally used these ingredients to recover from auto-immune illness and keep the mind and body in an optimal state. Whether that is breath work or yoga classes, community, mindset or daily sauna and ice baths. We want you to experience feeling truly well, full of vitality, with the kind of bounce a golden retriever would envy. 


Our approach to health and wellness is focused on providing a unique experience with scientifically proven practices for all of our community to benefit from. Whether you plan on attending daily, weekly, or as a one-off experience. Our outdoor sauna and ice bath facilities are designed to promote optimal health.

Feel. Good. Now.


At Scenic Sauna, we understand the importance of being present and mindful in our daily lives. We believe that integrating clinically proven mindfulness into your lifestyle is key to achieving a balanced and fulfilling life. Our outdoor spa alternative in nature offers a variety of guided meditations, breathing classes, yoga classes, grounding and nature walks, to help you connect with your inner self.



At Scenic Sauna, we are dedicated to your health and wellness.

These practices changed our lives and we want to bring that to everyone.

Get to know our staff and learn more about what we do.

Jamie Christopherson at Scenic Sauna

Jamie Christopherson

Wim Hof Method Instructor

Jamie is a Level 2 Wim Hof Method Instructor with 10 years of experience in self-healing from auto-immune paralysis. Using nutrition, exercise, breath-work, mindfulness, sauna, ice baths and the Wim Hof Method, having been told his condition was incurable, having found a "functional cure", Jamie is dedicated to helping everyone achieve optimal health and wellness that comes to Scenic Sauna.

Olivia Burgess at Scenic Sauna

Olivia Burgess

Osteopath & Yoga Teacher

Olivia is a registered osteopath, sports massage therapist and yoga teacher with a passion for helping people feel their best.  Also using these techniques to manage her own auto-immune illness, she offers a variety of treatments and yoga classes to suit all needs.  With the experience of holistic and traditional medical spaces, she brings a harmony of traditional scientific grounding and new preventative self-care.

"The greatest wealth is health."


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