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This course is spread over 3 weeks, 1 hour a week at Scenic Sauna.  Each course is for a maximum of 4 people, advanced tickets only first come first served.

Join our certified Wim Hof Method instructor to learn multiple holistic, science-backed disciplines across breathwork, cold exposure, sauna, and mindset. Designed to give you all the revelatory power of a 3-week retreat high in the misty mountains without leaving the comfort of the Cotswolds.

Whether you're coming to these practices for an escape or a transformation, this course has been designed to not only give you the knowledge of how and why these things work through practical exercises but to help guide you to where you want to be in your practice and in life.

Do you want to move on? Recover from injury or illness like your instructor Jamie used these techniques to recover from autoimmune paralysis? Or do you just want to feel the powerful connection to consciousness, yourself, loved ones, and the world around you that these practices can offer? Join us and discover it for yourself.

Elements covered in the course:

- Breath for relaxation

- Breath for energy and healing

- Breath for natural psychedelic experiences

- Mindset, technique, and breathing tools for ice bathing

- Mindset, technique, and breathing tools for sauna use

- Mindset, technique, and breathing tools for mind and body transformation

All techniques are bound by the limitless potential of YOU to use these proven techniques to change your genetics, reprogram your brain, and live the future you want today.

Studies show that if you apply the tools Jamie will share with you, you can see as much as a 40% greater response from your body!

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